Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Days Of Supernatural

Attention Texas Bloggers AND Readers, a lot of bloggers are uniting forces to bring The Dark Days Of Supernatural tour to Texas. The authors in this tour are:

Um, who wouldn't want these freaking amazing authors to come to Texas?! Well I do, so to pitch in my little grain of salt, I am doing this post and I encourage every reader and blogger in Texas to do so too! Even if you are not in Texas but would like to help us out, it would mean a lot. Leave your post on the comments section because I would love and give a shout out to all of the Texas bloggers! Here are some of the Texas bloggers who have already posted about this:
I am sure there are many more blogs that have come together for this cause, and I would love to visit them all! Go to any of these sites to Mr.Linky your own post.
Then go to the Pitch Dark Facebook page (click on the pic above) and post your link of the post there. And maybe we will have a Dark Days of Supernatural!

On the side note, if they DO let Texas be a part of the tour *fingers crossed* I live in the Dallas area. If the tour is not close to here, anybody willing to give this not-driving-yet 16 year old a lift? =D


  1. *sighs* Anyone from NY planning on going? Care to squish in another passenger?
    Soooo jealous, Alex. Give Courtney a handshake for me. (Or a hug or whatever. [Tell her it's from the slightly strange blogger who won the Fear the Reaper Delirium prize]) I didn't read any of those authors YET, though I do have the Body Finder on my TBR.

  2. Of course, we can give you a lift! We're not to far from Dallas, just a bit west.

  3. Texas book bloggers rule! I hope that Harper hears us. Thanks for blogging about it!

  4. This is awesome...I had no idea how many of us are in TX. Too Cool. Fingers are crossed this happens and we can all meet up.


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