Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perfect way to end the summer!

Major apoligies for the lack of reviews! With school, SATs, and my allergies all happening at the same time, I am a little overwhelmed right now. But I am trying, please don't give up on me!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Publish Date: December 2, 2011
Source: Bought
Summary: Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris - until she meets Etienne St. Clair: perfect, Parisian (and English and American, which makes for a swoon-worthy accent), and utterly irresistible. The only problem is that he's taken, and Anna might be, too, if anything comes of her almost-relationship back home. As winter melts into spring, will a year of romantic near - misses end with the French kiss Anna - and readers - have long awaited?

My Thoughts: This book, oh, this book! How can I put into words how awesome this book is? Well, I can't. But I sure am gonna try.

This was the last book I read in the summer, and as much as I regretted the end of yet another summer, I did not regret this book as my choice for my last summer read.

It had everything I looked for in books.

The funny/captivating dialogue: 
It seemed like every other page I turned, I giggled. It was rare not to catch myself smiling every time I flipped the page. I also let my friend borrow it, and just as I thought, she was giggling through the whole time she read it while I was with her. The amount of conversation we had while she was reading is minimal (other than to squeal over the adorable Etienne moments!).

The Anna:
If I had to list 5 of my favorite main characters, Anna would be one of them (along with Lola from Stephanie Perkins second book, but that is a different review all together). She is one main character that you definitely want to meet. After 100 pages of this book, you insulted her, you insulted me.

The Etienne St. Clair:
What can I say about Etienne? Nothing will do him Justice, but when I finished this book, I was ready to get on the next flight to France. Because honestly? Swoon, this boy makes me swoon.

The Setting:
J'adore la France! I have never been to France and I have wanted to, but this book, again, makes me want to book a flight to France, RIGHT THIS SECOND. Stephanie Perkins wrote about France as if it were another world (probably is). 

The Romance:
Just how I imagine a perfect romance story would start, none of that "insta-love" we tend to read about occasionally. True "awkward-opps-got-a-girlfriend/boyfriend-already-but-I-like-YOU" thing that tends to happen in real romances. You can see and feel how both of the characters want to be with each other, the only thing left is for THEM to realize it.

In Conclusion: 
Do not be fooled by the cover folks! There is a great story hidden behind that kinda plain cover. I loved it along with the characters that made it up, and I really think you will too.


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