Review Policy

Review Policy
 If you are an author or a publisher, and you would like for me to feature and/or review your book( I would love to!) here is what you need to know:
  • The book must be Young Adult(the only type of books I review, sorry)
  • It can be a galley, finished copy or an ARC
  • UPDATE: I can now review e-books since I have acquired a NOOK.
  • I cannot put a time range of when I will review your book. It all depends on how big my reading/reviewing pile is.And how busy with school work and other teenage demands.
  • I will give every book a chance. Meaning, even if the book doesn't catch my attention in the first page or the summary, I will read it for at least 50 pages more.

My reviews contain:
- Cover
- Title and Author
- Summary (usually from Goodreads)
- Published Date
- Source
- My honest opinions and thoughts on the book
- My review (how many butterflies? Scale is displayed on the sidebar)
- Age recommendation (my recommendation on how old you can be to read this book, based on language and other content)
- What's next? (If there is a sequel or a prequel I will list them here)
- Cover love ( I talk about my opinions on the cover)
- *And a little bit about the author and how to find a little more about them
- *Book trailer (when provided)

* I sometimes include in review.

I would also love to do author interviews, character interviews or host a giveaway so If you're interested in any of the the things I offer in this blog please e-mail me at morethanjustabook(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have any other suggestions about the promotion of your book (blog tour, guest post, ect.) I am more than willing to help you spread the word about your upcoming book.

I also post my book reviews over at LibraryThing, Goodreads, and other media sites.

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