Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boys In Books Are Just Better

Boys In Books Are Just Better(BBJB) is going to be a weekly meme where I talk about boys in books that I wish were real, but aren't. Every week I will talk about one drool-worthy boy but at the same time try my best not to spoil anything important for those of you who haven't read the book.
I will try to post a picture or drawing that resembles that fictional--wish he wasn't--boy. This weekly post is my way of having fun but at the same time I will be wondering to myself: WHY AREN'T THEY REAL?!
Every time I read a book where the guy is everything a girl could dream of, I envy all of those fictional girls(Katniss) who have this fictional boy's heart(Peeta). You guys can guess who I am gonna talk about next week.....*wink*

I will not have a criteria for this but I do have to point out that the character HAS to be YA and can be the minor or major character, whichever. Whether he is an Angel, Wolf, Vampire, Dragon, Fairy or human we love them all! So if you have any suggestions or would like to talk about your BBJB let me know in the comments or e-mail me. I have plenty of BBJB to last a whole year but this isn't just my meme is all of you guys!

I am thinking about having guests posts with some fellow bloggers who share the love for fictional boys as I do. So I will keep you guys posted. But for moment I just wanted to give you guys a heads up for next Saturday And If you suggest a boy, also list the book he was in in case I haven't read that book so then I can read it.
Have A Great Saturday!! I am off to read Across The Universe! =D New BBJB perhaps?


  1. *rubs hands in preparation*
    What an awesome meme, Alex! I have soooo many boys for you. (That came out wrong...)
    1)Puck (Ash?) from Iron Fey
    2)Iggy from Maximum Ride (only read the first one, but <3)
    3)Murtagh!! (Need I say more?)
    4)Keiro from Incarceron (he gets more tolerable in the sequel)
    5)Po from Graceling and
    6)Brigan from Fire (Kristen Cashore=awesomeness)
    7)Sam (and Cole) from Shiver/Linger
    8)Tamani from Wings
    9)Sonny from Wondrous Strange
    10)Oscar of Candor
    11)Luke from Lament
    12)Finn from Tyger Tyger

    *loosens shirt collar* Is it getting hot in here?

  2. k. here we go:
    1. PEETA MELLARK!!!!!!! u go girl for wrriting about him first!!!!!!!! yay!!!

    2. Tobias from Divergent!!!!!! totally crush-worthy!!!!!! and a must-read!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Fade from Enclave by Ann Agguire!!! not as much romantic chemistry w/ him and duece, but still!!!

    4. KY/Xander (Pleez do Ky) from matched by Allie Condie!!!!

    All these boys!!!! what is a YAFIC loving girl to do????

  3. *sighhhh*

    1. Carter from BQ
    2. Dexter from This Lullaby
    3. Sumner from That Summer
    4. Peeta...of course
    5. Owen from Just Listen
    6. Aden from Intertwined
    7. Sam from Shiver

    ...for now,



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