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Review: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Title: Nightshade
Author: Andrea Cremer
Publish Date: October 19, 2010
While other teenage girls daydream about boys, Calla Tor imagines ripping out her enemies’ throats. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. Calla was born a warrior and on her eighteenth-birthday she’ll become the alpha female of the next generation of Guardian wolves. But Calla’s predestined path veers off course the moment she saves the life of a wayward hiker, a boy her own age. This human boy’s secret will turn the young pack's world upside down and forever alter the outcome of the centuries-old Witches' War that surrounds them all.

Beautiful Book Cover for a beautifully written story. Nighshade by debut writer Andrea Cremer, is probably one of the best books I have read this year, needless to say that it blew my mind.

Calla Tor is the alpha of the young Nightshade wolf pack. She would do anything to protect her pack, and if she wants to do that, she has to become the mate of the Bane pack’s alpha, Renier Laroche. Popular and good-looking Ren, who is anticipating their union a lot more than Calla. And who isn’t as confident and smug as he wants to seem, especially not when it comes to Calla.

But just a month before Calla and Ren’s elopement, Calla stumbles upon an extremely good-looking wounded hiker. And against everything she has been told, and without knowing why, she saves this certain human. Shay Doran, the hiker who she secretly saved from death, creates all kinds of trouble for her when they end up meeting again. What she doesn’t know is that by saving this hiker, her life will no longer be what she expected it to be. And Shay, without knowing this himself, Is more than just the human he thinks he is. In a world where human beings are seen as nothing and the female wolves seen as inferiors, this not-so-human-girl must make some choices, and take on the consequences.

I have wanted to read this book for months, and looking at the beautiful cover made me even more impatient. When I finally got the opportunity to read it, I was not disappointed. This book has it all: Action packed scenes, secret romances , friendships tested, funny moments, strong female main character and some shocking discoveries along the way. And don’t forget two beautiful but very different guys trying to win Calla’s affections. Shay who is charming, sweet, and fearless. And Ren who is strong, possessive, and also incredibly charming . With unexpected twists and turns with every page I turned, this incredibly written book left me anticipating Book 2 (Wolfsbane) even more than this first one. I wasn't lucky enough to keep this book, but when it it is officially released I am most definitely buying it!

My Rating: 5/5!

Teaser Quote:
"I took another step toward him. I knew what I wanted to do, but it would mean a second, much-greater violation of the Keepers’ Laws. He tried to move back but gasped in pain and collapsed into his elbows."
Age recommendation: I would recommend this book to older young adults due to the somewhat steamy love scenes. Not bad at all, just a little warning for the younger readers.

A little about the author:

Andrea Cremer spent her childhood daydreaming and roaming the forests and lakeshores of Northern Wisconsin. She now lives in Minnesota, but she thinks of her homeland as the “Canadian Shield” rather than the Midwest.

Andrea has always loved writing and has never stopped writing, but she only recently plunged into the deep end of the pool that is professional writing. When she’s not writing, Andrea teaches history at a very nice liberal arts college in St. Paul.

In the little spare time she can find, Andrea stares up at trees, rescues infant rabbits from predatory cats, and invents names for pug puppies with her husband. She has an unfortunate tendency to spill things – white carpets beware!

Her debut novel, NIGHTSHADE, the first of a YA fantasy series, will be published in fall 2010 by Penguin. Bio source:


  1. I like the info you've included about the author. Good review, thank you.

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the comment!

  3. I'm so jealous! I'm DYING to read this one, especially after your glowing, 5-star review! It looks like your blog is well underway! You've got a great design - I especially love the header!


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