Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Review: Stolen By Lucy Christopher

Author: Lucy Christopher
Published: May 4, 2009
My Review:
I didn’t intend to buy this book, to be honest, I was just drawn by the beautiful and simple cover. But while I was drinking my cup of coffee at my local bookstore, I started reading it out of mere curiosity.
It is written in a completely different point of view, far more differently than any other YA book I have read, and trust me; I have read my share of YA books!
Even in the beginning of the story, the climax was already set, and it pulled me deep into the story to the point that I had to know what was going to happen to the main character. Gemma, describes everything so adequately and precise that it’s as if you were there. Of course, nobody would want to be in her place. Isolated and away from human interaction, the only person she can talk to is her mysterious abductor, Ty.
His handsome features and charming personality were the things that lured Gemma into his abduction plan, but can they win her over?
Well he certainly won me over. Little by little I began to understand why Tyler did what he did (though it was not the right thing), and I began to feel as confused as Gemma was about him. The story also describes Gemma’s experience and rage at not being able to escape that horrible place, in the middle of nowhere. And eventually this place, this desert, starts growing into a character of its own until you forget that it is just dust, mounds and mounds of it. In the end, I felt confused about my feelings for that mysterious abductor and my heart broke as I read the last chapter of this beautifully written novel.
To get more info on the book go HERE.Age Preference: In my opinion this book is for older young adult readers. Due to the mild language.

Review: 4.5/5

Little info about Lucy Christopher:
She is currently undertaking a PhD with Bath Spa University to explore the ways that Australian literature represents wild places, particularly in its writing for young adults. Lucy’s debut novel, Stolen, was written as part of this PhD. It explores her thoughts about the Australian desert in the story of a teenage girl who is kidnapped and taken there. Read more about Lucy in her site HERE.

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