Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excuses and a Book!

You see the picture of that book there? The pretty blue one with the bird? Yeah that one. Okay well I just bought a lovely copy of it and I cannot wait to read it. Though I am really anxious and sad that this is the last book of these wonderful series, I am determined to give it my undivided attention. So maybe or maybe not, I will hold on blogging for a while now. Maybe the rest of the week.

Think of it as a vacation, from two(or is it three?) exhausting(not really) months as a blogger. But note that I am very, very likely to change my mind, because that is how I am so I may post after all. I just don't know. But in case I don't, well I am already prepared! So while I am "gone" feel free to look around my new blog designed by the lovely Andrea over at Loud Words & Sounds.
Thank you so much Andrea! So feel free to look around and tell me what you think over at the chat box. The last two pages? INTERVIEWS and TBR are a work in progress so you probably wont get anything.

Also to keep in mind in the near future: on weekdays I will have late posts since I just started school. I will be constantly bombarded with Homework so I will sometimes take a while to post things. But fear not! I am thinking of doing a weekly wrap-up with all the book news on Fridays and Saturdays. I will figure something out.

To look forward for the next two weeks:

  • In Stuffed Bookshelf(2) post
  • Interview with 2 authors- not gonna tell! But you can guess and I will let you and only YOU if you are right if you do indeed answer with the correct answer!
  • Book reviews
  • Guess who received a blog award? ME! Not trying to brag or anything I just CANNOT believe it! So I will pass it to 15 fellow bloggers, I decided who already(mostly) so I gotta just e-mail them.
  • I got a few affiliates and I will announce who they are (*dun dun dun*) soon. As soon as I can!
So bear with me since I just started school and I already have homework to do, and it is not easy. But I also have a lot of books to read so YAY!

People(the whole world) reading Mockingjay:

When I am done with it[Mockingjay] I will like to share mt thoughts and feelings about the book with all of you guys! Well the ones who have read it anyway.So I will think of something to do so we can talk about it! No spoilers to the ones who have not read it! This is a spoiler free book! I have pledged to it on Twitter. =D

Love you guys! And have a great week! Students who have recently returned to school: the best of luck! And I am sorry summer is over.


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