Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ARC Galore!

You see all these amazing books? All of these NOT RELEASED YET books? Well they are all up for grabs if you visit Babbling Flow! Not only that, but both Beautiful Creatures AND Beautiful Darkness(ARC!!) are signed by the authors! So what are you waitin' for? Click HERE for the direct link to the giveaway! (click on the pictures of each book for a summary) Good Luck Everybody! and thanks Sara for having this amazing giveaway!

*On another note, sorry for not posting anything for the last few days, I have been sick and not feeling so well so I am a little behind on posts and everything! I am gonna make it up to you guys next week since I will be feeling better by then, but for now I will try to post as many stuff as I am able to.


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