Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LINK: The North Korea Crisis

I know this is not what I normally post about, what normally ANY book blogs post about. But today after school, I was offered the opportunity to watch HIDING a short documentary about young Americans helping North Koreans who had escaped North Korea in search of freedom and are looking for a way out of China, where they are arrested and sent back to North Korea.

I only went for the extra credit my History teacher was going to give me, but after I watched this short film, I got more than just extra credit from watching this. Throughout the whole documentary I kept thinking that maybe dystopian novels are not so fictional after all, all the controlling by a power hungry leader was not only in the books I read but in real life. I was heartbroken by these people, they are hungry for freedom, we do not realize how good we have it. They are driven by desperation, their families are staving, they leave their families for a better life, but not a single day goes on without them thinking about the people they left behind. Most of the people that were refugees were maybe 3 years older than I am, talking about how their parents stopped eating so they can get more to eat, that was the way their parents showed them they loved them.

Women who are smuggled into China and SOLD like cattle for prostitution, for maybe $15 dollars each. These are PEOPLE we are talking about. I was so angry, not only for what was happening but how could I be so oblivious to the whole thing? While I was thinking about it, I saw my classmates chatting nonchalantly about unimportant things, like this didn't affect them at all. It probably doesn't, but after watching this I wanted to do SOMETHING. I don't have much money, I cannot pay monthly donations. But I do have a blog, where there are actually people interested to what I have to say. So here I am ranting about this non-bookish issue that disturbs me so much, I just needed to write something about it.

Below, I will post more links on where you can get more info on this issue, and hey, maybe donate a little something something. I don't expect this to change nothing, but I felt that this issue cannot be ignored and I just felt the need to talk about it. This issue helped me realize that I have it good, I have freedom, food, and loving parents who do not have to stop eating so I can eat, but I know that they would in a heartbeat if we were in that situation. I admire the members of LINK for risking their lives to help North Korean refugees have a great life, and the refugees themselves for the courage and strength.

So if you are still reading THANK YOU!

Want more Info?
Please visit : They have wicked awesome t-shirts, I will be buying one to help the cause!
Visit their Facebook page HERE.

Watch the trailer of the short film I watched!


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