Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mailbox! (2)

Okay sorry for not posting anything for the past week? Was it a week ago? I can't remember. No excuses...just school. Driving me nuts giving me tons of homework and not enough time.....But I am back! Just for here is what I got in my Mailbox this week....

I wanted to do I vlog for this post but:

A. I don't have a camera
B. I am very self conscious and shy so I have a little trouble with being photographed and/or filmed.

I will do one day!

Okay enough of my nonsense...

For Review:

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton


Deliruim (Finished copy) by Lauren Oliver
My mom bough it for me after I wouldn't shut up
about how awesome it was! Thanks mom! It is beautiful!

I already read both Angelfire and Deliruim and they were both amazing!! I will review them soon so watch out for that.Deliruim was already released and Angelfire will be released this Tuesday!

Thanks to:
My mom

Hope you guys had a great book week!


  1. Just finished Delirium last night. Sooo absolutely incredible. I almost threw it across the room.
    So jealous of you about Angelfire! (Maybe you want to lend it out when you finished?) I haven't read it yet, but I'm soooo tempted to buy it! (I usually get from my library, but it's running out of funding and didn't order it.)
    Haven't read any of Carrie Ryan's books yet, though I do own one! The covers are so cool! Enjoy it!

  2. By the way, you're soooo right about the insanity of school!
    Just curious, what happened to your BBJB meme?

  3. Great Haul this week Alex. I was going to post my IMM Vlog this week but I lost my camera cord.


  4. Yay for Dark Hallow Places and Angelfire! I have Angelfire and Delerium on my Kindle but i haven't read them yet. :)

    Enjoy the awesome books!

  5. Great books!
    So sweet of your mum to get you a copy, it's so shiny and pretty!

  6. Pre-ordered Angelfire so it should be here soon! In the middle of reading Delirium and am worried about how it's all going to end.
    Happy reading.

    Here's Mine:

  7. Angelfire and Delirium were both fantastic reads.

  8. You got a lot of good books, Alex! I'm jealous. I want The Dark and Hollow Places so bad!
    Happy Reading :)


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