Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Sad News....

Okay guys, followers, awesome people I have some really bad news. I do not know when I will be able to post or blog due to the reason that I do not have a laptop anymore. Last night while I was away with my family, someone broke into my house and ransacked all of my belongings and the rest of my family's. They didn't take much because I suppose they were only in there to search for money, which they didn't find. But what they DID find was a couple of my electronics including my most prized possession: my Laptop. My purple beautiful laptop in which I had all my bloggin stuff and it was basally all my life. So I ask you to be patient with me and I don't know how or when I will get a new one or If they will find my old one.

Just letting you guys know I not be blogging as much as I would like, maybe only once a week since right now I am using my cousin's, but I just hope they find whoever is responsible for what they are putting me and my family through. So guys I will be back, and I will be posting stuff I just don't know exactly when.
I'm just very thankful that my family is okay and that I wasn't home while that happened. And don't worry all of those reviews that I promised WILL be posted!




  1. Alex I am soooooooooo sorry! I hope things get better! At least no one was hurt!

  2. That is sad! I hope you do happen to get your laptop back, and that they catch whoever it was that did this to your family. Good thing no one was home, might have been worse. Same thing happened to one of my friends, turned out the robber was someone they knew!

  3. I can't believe that happened to you! :( I really hope the ahole that did this gets caught. I hope I see you blogging and on twitter soon again!

  4. O_O. So sorry! :( My house got robbed once, years ago. I was, like, 5. We even saw the dude running out while we were pulling into our driveway. They stole my mom's wedding ring.
    I'm soooo sorry about you computer. That totally sucks. :'(

  5. Hi Alex, SO sorry to hear about your house :( I was robbed once, when in college--so I know how awful it is.

    On the plus side: when you get back, I just wanted to let you know you won an ARC on my blog :) Congratulations!! Please let me know where to send it! (sara.a.mcclung@gmail)


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