Friday, September 3, 2010

2 Author Interviews: I need YOUR questions!

This weekend I am going to interview two amazing ladies who just happen to be the authors of books I dearly loved and enjoyed. I am so excited! Both Maria V. Snyder (author of The Study Series and Glass series)and Kirsten Miller (Author of The Eternal Ones) we're awesome and kind enough to agree on an interview and since I haven't posted so much because of school, to make up for it I will be posting their interview with them this 3-day weekend! And some reviews and other stuff, but author interviews? That is the best thing yet.

*Getting of subject here!*

Okay now that is where you guys come in. If you guys have any questions you have been itching to ask any of these two amazing authors, then now is your time. All you need to do is comment at the bottom of this post with your question and who you want me to ask this question to. I will choose the questions with the most creativity and I will give you the full credit for that question.

The reason I will be doing this for the interviews, not only now but in the foreseeable future, is because If anybody was interviewing an author who's books I loved I would love to have a chance to ask them questions! So I am so happy to give you guys that opportunity. And who knows? When I am able to buy books for giveaways (because begin a high school student doesn't pay much) I will have a giveaway to those people with the most creative and awesome questions! So what are you waiting for? If you or your friends have read their books and have a question you can get it answered right here! And if you haven't read their books...then..YOU NEED TO!

You can read my review of The Eternal Ones (HERE.) And I will be reviewing Spy Glass soon!

I will be back soon! Feel free to spread the word you guys! =D



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