Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Books that have changed my life (in a remarkable way) ever since I last talked to you (Part # 1)

I AM ALIVE! I have no excuse for not posting anymore reviews other than college applications have been driving me nuts. I am a senior in high school now, and people who told Senior year in high school was going to be easy THEY LIED. It is the hardest year yet, but I will get through it.

I missed blogging so much, but I had to stop otherwise I would have never gotten anything done. But I was able to read some amazing books these past few months. I had my fair share of books I didn't even finish, but there were three remarkable books that I will always remember because WOW, they have changed my life.

The Fault in Our Stars

This book, ladies and gentlemen, if you have not yet read it, (it is only my very humble yet honest opinion that) OH MY GOD YOU GO READ IT RIGHT NOW PLEASE. I will not summarize if for you, because honestly you can read the synopsis on your own. If you must know, there is no way that a summary, even written by John Green himself, will wholly epitomize the awesomeness that is The Fault in Our Stars.
It is probably the book that has brought me right here to this place at this moment, desperate and excited, to tell those people who keep putting it off to just read it now, go to the bookstore or borrow it from a friend and read it.

Or even those who don't read and by some rare chance stumble upon my blog and haven't fallen in love with reading yet, this is the book. This is the book that will allow you to feel every emotion know to human, which might be a very slight exaggeration, but to me, it definitely brought both tears of laughter and pure dismay in a matter of chapters.

I was going through a long time reading funk, I had stopped blogging and became a Netflix addict during my free time. It seemed I had no time for reading anymore, and honestly, it did not bother me a bit. I was sad for my lost interest, scared my love for reading would be forever gone.
Eventually, over a three day weekend, I had this book that I had borrowed from the library. I had read one other John Green books: Looking for Alaska . I loved it, and from then on I went on a John Green craze. By far this was my favorite book of them all, each holds a special place in my heart but this one will forever be in my top favorites.

How did it change my life? I am going trough a medical condition, not life-threatening or as grave as Hazel or Augusts or any of the lovable characters in TFiOS, but it will require hospitalization and surgery. I am so scared and this book is a great reference to the good that can come out of an awful situation. Anytime I feel the least bit nervous or I am in pain, I always pick up my trusty copy (signed! In Purple!) and read my favorite parts!

It will make you laugh it will make you cry, The Fault in Our Stars by the brilliant John Green is going to be one of those books that I will remember and keep with me even in my old age.


Thanks for sticking with my followers, after my LONG HIATUS.
I will make up for it PROMISE.

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  1. I love this book so much too! It's great to have you back and I'm sorry about the medical issues. ((((hugs)))) Hang in there. <3


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